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Paula Smith St George
Cut Wasteful Spending. Increase Transparency.

Today, budgets have become bloated. Leaders have their own agenda, or worse, cater to those that donate the most money or shout the loudest.

We the people have lost our voice in how our money is being spent.

I know our City budget well. I believe in cutting waste, so we can spend on what matters most ~ public safety, education, and infrastructure. The first solution is not to raise taxes.

I am running because I believe we need to hold our leaders responsible for spending. This is not their money; this is our money ~ We the People’s money.

We have a choice to make.

Will we complain about the way things are? Or will we fight to make a difference?

I’m Paula Smith. I believe in cutting waste, not services. I believe in increasing the accountability and transparency of our leaders.

I’m running because I intend to hold the line. I’m running because I refuse to fall in line.

Paula Smith

Property Tax

How will seniors age in place if we have no cap on property tax? How will young families be able to afford a home, if they will not know how much their tax payment will be in the following years after purchase?

City Budget

In 2019, St George's Population was 90,000, and our city budget was $353 Million. This equates to $3,922 per person. Currently, our population is 100,000 (11% more), and our budget is $520 Million. That is $5,200 per person (32% more spending). Overspending.


Where are the Council Meeting Videos? Where is the copy of the City Budget? How did the Council Members vote at the meeting last month? Where are funds being allocated, and where is the surplus being applied? Transparency.

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Paula Smith Yard Sign

Paula Smith

St George City Council Candidate

I'm Paula Smith. I'm running for St George Utah City Council.

Please click the links to read more about my views and platforms on various issues.

Reach out below if you'd like to stay informed with events and opinion updates or if you have questions.

I am hopeful for the opportunity of serving the best place I've ever lived...St George, Utah. 


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