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Here is an opportunity to do something that will


  Impact The Community


   Help Paula make a difference.


There are many ways to volunteer, from distributing flyers, dropping off

yard signs,  and encouraging your family, friends, and neighbors to vote.


Below are ways you can help:

Vote Utah Paula Smith


Campaigns require a lot of work, and it's challenging to accomplish it all with only one person. I could use help from supporters at various times throughout the campaign for advertising materials.


As elections approach, I will need people available to walk neighborhoods and leave promotional cards on doors. Also, having people place yard signs on their property is very effective. I'll need people willing to drop off yard signs to those requesting them.

Sometimes campaign signs go missing in the night. Supporters keeping an eye on signs and alerting to damaged or missing signs is another way you can help. I truly appreciate any support I receive.


If you would like to help, please fill out the contact information below. In your message, please indicate different ways you would like to volunteer. I will reach out and coordinate with you as events are planned. 

Watch the EVENTS box on the home page, which will announce upcoming events, or sign up for alerts


Please take into account the power of simple conversations. Talking to people about the cause and directing them to my website can give them enough information to vote. Encouraging everyone to get registered and cast a vote is critical. Every vote matters and one vote can make a difference. 

Elections are expensive. Purchasing promotional materials and advertising adds up quickly. If you can donate, any amount is greatly appreciated. No donations can be anonymous (as per Utah law), so your name will appear as a donor in public financial declarations. If there are any funds remaining after the election I will be donating locally.


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